Sony Vegas | Create Cinematic / Film Effect

Hollywood films have a certain “look”, a certain “feel”. If you look at an ordinary clip, it looks plain, dull color, not exciting. You want your video to look official, look as if it was a scene from a Hollywood movie. That’s what we’ll be creating today.

The cinematic effect that we will be creating, will be a widescreen scene, with a blue tint (made by color corrector) and faded edges (made by the cookie cutter tool). To see a preview of my clip before and after the effect, see the bottom of this page.

To create this cinematic effect is actually pretty simple. There are a few short steps we need to take to change our ordinary clip into a cinematic looking clip.

  1. We’re going to open the Video Event Pan/Crop of our clip by right clicking on our clip and selecting “Video Event Pan/Crop”.
  2. Now that we have this open, on the left side of the window there is a small menu, make sure “Size about center” is ticked and “Keep Aspect Ratio” is NOT ticked.
  3. Now simply click and drag from the top of the Event Pan/Crop box and drag down. You will see 2 black bars appearing on your preview, at the top and at the bottom. This is our widescreen/Hollywood effect.
  4. Now, we’re going to add a color correcter. Go to your Effects window/tab and find “Color Corrector” then “Blue Tint”. Drag the “Blue Tint” preset onto your clip. Adjust the low, mid and high levels until you are happy with how your clip looks. (For the settings I use, refer to the video tutorial embedded at the bottom of this page.)
  5. So now we have the widescreen effect and the color corrector applied. This is mainly known as the “Hollywood Movie Effect” or the “Cinematic Effect”. You can feel free to adjust all of the settings and even add extra effects if you want until you are happy with your clip.
  6. One extra effect you can add is that fading around the edges of the clip. To create this, go to your Effects window/tab and find “Cookie Cutter”. Drag down “Reset to none” preset.
  7. From the dropdown menu select “Oval” as the shape. Now adjust the feather and size to fit your needs. You may feel your clip looks better with or without it, so make sure you change the settings around to see what you prefer!


That is how you create a cinematic effect / film effect in Sony Vegas Pro 10 . Make sure you watch the embedded video tutorial to find out how I created my clip and what settings I used!



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