After Effects cs5: CC Split Tutorial

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Today, I’ll be showing you how to create a simple and efficient effect in Adobe After Effects cs5. But before we get started, you need to make sure you have a video game clip or any clip in general that is recorded at 59.94 frames per second. This will ensure that you will have the smoothest possible slow-motion which I am going to be showing you how to do without any external plugins.



1. Import your video clip in After Effects and place it onto the timeline.

2. Select the video clip on the timeline, and then go to effects>Time>Time Warp. This is a default plugin in After Effects so don’t worry, you do not need to download any plugins for this effect.

3. Make a keyframe at a specific point on the timeline. Then go forward to a minimum of 5 frames or a maximum of 10 frames (any number between those are good).

4. Select your video clip again, ,then go to effects>Distort>CC Split. As you play around with the Amount settings for the CC Split, you will noticed a section of your video clip will be distorted so that it will create an opening.

5. Select a point on your timeline, then keyframe it, then go forward a few frames and then set the amount to a larger number.

6. That’s it! Your done. You can add a text or image in the region of the effect, but make sure it is a layer under the video layer.

Got any questions? Then click here to go to my channel, and post a comment. I will reply within 1-2 days.