Sony Vegas | Sniper Scope / Binoculars Effect Tutorial ! Free Downloadable Images!

Have you ever wanted to create a video with a first person view down the sniper scope or down some binoculars like they do in Hollywood films? Well today we’re going to create a similar effect, although it’s pretty basic it can have a nice feel for your video!

To create these effects is simple, the only troubling part will be finding the image, but wait, we have you sorted there too! We’ve photoshopped up two new images, one is a Sniper Scope with a transparent center with some cross hairs, the other is a basic pair of binoculars with a transparent center!

Free Downloadable Images:


[sociallocker]1:  Binoculars – ( Click Here, then on image Right Click > Save As.. )

2: Sniper Scope – ( Click Here, then on image Right Click > Save As..)[/sociallocker]

Note:  The images have transparent areas, the binoculars have a transparent area in the two center circles. The sniper scope has a transparent area in the center circle area. Keep in mind the images look like they have white in the center while previewing here, but when you open them over your video in Sony Vegas you will notice that the center area is transparent and you only see the black outline at the sides !


To implement these images onto your video simply Insert a New Video Track in Sony Vegas (or any other video editing program), place your scope/binoculars image on the top track above your video. You should now be able to see your video through the transparent slot in the images!


Follow the video below as an example: