ComputerPlanet ND 4000 Review / Overview

Ever wanted to get a beast of a computer without paying top end prices? A Custom  built PC could be what your looking for! Today I am going to be doing a review and overview of the Next day 4000 gaming PC from

Firstly lets take a look at the specs of this PC:

  • Intel Core i7 2600K – a top end processor; power efficient and handles media processing flawlessly
  • Corsair 16GB RAM – Four slots of 4GB meaning multitasking is done with ease
  • ATI Radeon HD 6950 2 GB – very quiet, copes with majority of games easily
  • Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Motherboard
  • Cooler Master HAF 912 – great case, strong and sturdy.
  • Corsair 600W PSU – also very quiet
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  • 8 USB slots, 7.1 sound and 24x Dual Layer DVD Reader/Writer


On the whole, I was really impressed with both the performance of the PC as well as its quietness. The computer currently retails at £1,027.20 with free next day delivery if you order before 5PM.
When they say ‘Next Day’ they mean next day, not only is the PC sent via UPS (a very respected shipping company) but the computer had windows as well as all the relevant drivers installed. It should be noted that all the original boxes with CDs come with the PC for the relevant parts such as the graphics card and the motherboard, if for any reason you need to install them again which is extremely handy. Another feature of the next day status is that the PC is extensively tested which means the chances of you encountering a problem with the PC is very small, the full testing details can be found on the link below:


Looking at ComputerPlanet as a company, they have very good customer service. They operate a ‘live support’ feature, as well as a ‘ticket system’ for any support questions submitted. Ticket systems almost guarantee that your query will be met with a reply. And finally they have a forum on their site, where from what I could see, every post had been answered by an employee of ComputerPlanet.


Finally if I was to rate the computer, I would give it 4 and a half stars out of 5. My reasons being, first of all its excellent performance in both gaming as well as general use such as photo/video editing. Secondly the PC was extremely easy to set up, as I did not have to do anything, just plug it in and I was ready to go. Thirdly, the addition of the original boxes for the parts is a great addition and can come in very handy if you do encounter any problems with any of the parts. And finally, I believe the PC to be of a reasonable price for the service you are receiving from Computer Planet as well as the specifications on the PC.


The ND 4000 can be found here:
Likewise, ComputerPlanets website:
You can watch a video review of the PC below with commentary if you would prefer, (includes pictures of all the parts):