How to show Sony Vegas Preview on an External Monitor!

When you’re editing in Sony Vegas, it’s nice to have a setup you can work easily with. Today we’ll be going through how to use an external monitor, which is hooked up to your laptop / PC, as a full preview screen for your Sony Vegas project!

Hooking up your monitor to Vegas is very simple!

  1. First of all we’re going to need to hook up our monitor properly. We’re going to navigate to┬áControl Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution .
  2. Once in this window, ┬áDisplay should be 1, Resolution can stay as it is, Orientation at Landscape and for Mobile Displays we’re going to set it to “Extend these Displays” ! This means that our external monitor is going to be an extended monitor of our laptop/PC , meaning we can drag a window from one screen to the next!
  3. Now, the next step is to open up Vegas.
  4. Go to Options, Preferences and navigate to the Preview Device tab.
  5. Move down to Display Adaptor. From the dropdown menu there, you need to select number 2 display, your external monitor.
  6. Make sure you tick scale output to fit display.
  7. Then click Apply and OK.

Now when you go into Vegas, above your preview window there is a little button shaped like a monitor. You need to click “Video Preview on External Monitor” . Now when you preview you should see your video project preview on your external monitor!