Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headset Review

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headset is one of Turtle Beach’s main headsets, designed primarily for Playstation 3, but also compatible with Xbox 360 and PC. The headset retails for $79.95 from Turtle Beach’s website and can be found in various retailers that will be listed below. In our review, we will be reviewing the headset in terms of build, sound quality and mic quality.



The build of the headphones is solid. The speakers are 40mm diameter speakers. The ear cushions are made from a soft, mesh fabric to allow for maximum comfort. The actual earpieces themselves rotate around to form the “DJ style” fold. These are connected to an extendible headband with a leather top and soft cushion underneath to rest on your head. The flexible microphone boom adjusts to any comfortable position or can be rotated out of the way when not needed.  The cable features a 3.5mm plug for line output and also a USB connector for power, mic connection and stereo audio.

The 16ft (4.87m) cable allows for ample freedom of movement while you play. Connected to this cable, is the control panel for the headset. From here, you can adjust game sound volume, chat volume, level of bass, switch on and off the audio expander, and switch on and off your mic. Also, there are two LEDs displayed on this control panel. One relates to the microphone, red LED meaning the mic is muted, green meaning it is on. The second LED is for chat boost, a brilliant feature implemented in the headset that reacts to game volume, meaning that, if you come to a point in the game where the action sound effects are high in volume, the headset will automatically boost your chat from team-mates to ensure you do not lose your conversation.


Sound Quality

The sound quality that is emitted from the Turtle Beach PX21 Headset is incredible. The headset picks up everything from subtle game sounds in the background to big explosions, maintaining the perfect balance.  The headset does not feature surround sound, however, with the ability to turn on or off the audio expander and the ability to adjust the level of bass, you can find your perfect fit. The added feature of chat boost adds to the experience, allowing you to listen to your game volume without having to worry about adjusting your chat volume whilst playing.


Mic Quality

The microphone quality is superb. On several occasions, I have used the Turtle Beach PX21 microphone to record audio onto my PC. The audio is crisp and clear, and the addition of the flexible microphone allows you to adjust the distance between your mouth and the microphone, making for the perfect fit for your recording situation.


Overall Result

Overall, I feel that the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headset is a solid headset. For a retail price of $79.95 I think it’s a definite buy. The combination of comfortability, amazing sound and microphone quality, and then the additional features make this headset a great addition to any gamers set-up. The fact that this headset is also universal, meaning it works on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC !

★★★★☆ – 4/5 Stars Overall


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Where can I buy one?

  • Directly from the Turtle Beach Website – here
  • Amazon (US) – here
  • Amazon (UK) – here