How to Create Split Screen Effect in Sony Vegas (Pro 9, 10, 11, etc..) !

A very commonly requested effect and yet a very simple effect to create, is the “Split Screen Effect”. The Split Screen Effect is simply two video clips, playing side by side simultaneously. It’s very simple to create as long as you follow the steps carefully!

To stay classy, we’re going to put the instructions in a nice list down here for you to follow. Let’s go:

  1. Open Sony Vegas (Pro 8, 9, 10, 11, etc..).
  2. Open up your two video clips in Vegas. (You can use Open in Vegas, or simply find your clips in a video folder and drag and drop them into the Vegas window.)
  3. Place both video clips on separate video tracks.
  4. Sort out your audio. Two audio tracks playing together won’t sound great. Try using one of the audio clips, or even replace both of them with custom music or sound.
  5. Go to the “Track Motion” on the top video track (your first clip) and click it. The “Track Motion” button can be found to the left of the video clip, the button has a black arrow inside a white box, pointing towards a small blue box (great description right?). If you move your cursor around the buttons to the left of the video clip you should find it easily!




  1. Once you have the track motion open, ensure that “Lock Aspect Ratio” and “Scale about Center” are NOT on.
  2. Now, ensure that the scrolling cursor at the bottom of the Track Motion window is at the first keyframe, click CTRL+Home to set it to the first keyframe.
  3. Now, place your cursor at the top left hand corner of the box shown in the Track Motion window. Click and drag it to the right. Watching your preview, you can see your clip skewing in size to the right. Stop when you are satisfied with its position.
  4. Before closing the Track Motion on the top track, click in the top white space where it says “(Untitled)” and write in “Right Hand Side Split” or something similar. Now hit the Save / Floppy disk icon to the right of the text. This will save the preset for future use and will be available from the drop down menu!
  5. Now, close the track motion and open up the track motion for your second clip! Repeat steps 6-9, and when naming it as a preset be sure to say “Left Hand Side Split” or something similar.

That’s it! You’re done! You’ve now created a split screen effect in Sony Vegas!



Make sure to watch the video tutorial if you are having trouble: