VEGAS | Create a Kill Counter Effect in Sony Vegas (Pro 9, 10, 11, etc ..) !

What’s better to add to your gameplay than a “kill counter”, a small feature displayed on your video to show off your killing spree! Today I’ll be showing you how to create a simple, yet effective, kill counter effect in Sony Vegas ! The kill counter will increase each time you get a kill, giving a continuous “live”-ish feeling to your video!

Creating the kill counter is very easy! Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download the kill counter template I created for free! (Click Here and Right Click on img, Save As..)
  2. Open up the kill counter template in Vegas and place it on a new video track.
  3. Open up the track motion (button located to left of video track, look for a black arrow inside a white box pointing towards a blue box).
  4. Resize the kill counter and move it to where you want by using the track motion.
  5. Exit track motion.
  6. Insert new video track, right click and Insert Text on that video track.
  7. Customize your text to say “Kill Count” or “Kill Counter” or something similar! (Change position of the text, add a shadow to the text, change the colour if you want, etc..)
  8. Right click on your text layer and click “Copy” or use CTRL+C.
  9. Past your text layer on a new video track (CTRL+V) and click “Create a new source of this media” when prompted by Vegas.
  10. Right click on this new text layer and click Edit Generated Media.
  11. Change this text to the number of kills at start of the clip, probably 0, and place the text where you want it on screen.
  12. Now, move to the place in your video clip where your first kill occurs.
  13. Click on the Number text, (probably 0 at the start) and click S on your keyboard. This will split the text. Delete the text to the right of your cursor. (If confused, view video tutorial below.)
  14. Copy the number 0 text, and paste a new source of the text beside it. Go to Edit Generated Media and change this number to 1. This represents the fact that you now have one kill.
  15. Repeat step 12-14 for each kill, changing the number to represent the number of kills you have.

There you go! You now have a simple Kill Counter in your video for your gameplay!


Watch the video tutorial below if you need extra help: