Loading Progress Bar Intro / Effect – Sony Vegas Tutorial

I got a request during the week (from YouTube user “leshengshun”) to create a “Loading Bar” effect / intro / clip / whatever you’d like to call it. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea so I gave it a shot! The intro can add to the video and can fit in well in a modern / tech / gaming video! Below you’ll find the loading progress bar effect in a video preview! You can download this effect as a simple .wmv video file so you can use it in your videos, and/or you can download it as a .veg Sony Vegas Project File to allow you to customize the loading bar yourself, change the colors, size,  text, even add in extra text if you wish!


Video Tutorial Walkthrough


As mentioned above, you can download the ” Loading Progress Bar Intro / Clip ” as a simple video file (.wmv) or as a Sony Vegas project file (.veg) so that you can customize it yourself. Follow the instructions below and click the “Download” to download the files.

  •  The .wmv video file can be downloaded and used in any video editing software, it will look identical to that shown in the preview above. 
  • The .veg Sony Vegas project file can be edited and changed so that you have your own customized loading progress bar intro/effect . To make use of this project in Vegas, you have to download all the files used in the project. For this reason, we have kept the files needed for this project to a minimum. You will need to download three things:
  1. The Sony Vegas Project File (.veg)
  2. The outer lining of the Loading Progress Bar (.png)
  3. The full Loading Progress Bar (.png)
  4. The font is called “Square.ttf” , it’s an optional download. (To install, download the font and place if in your Fonts folder, C:/Windows/Fonts , or similar.)

Download these 4 files from here !

(Make sure you download FILES labelled 1,2,3 above as the intro will need the 3 files to work properly, the font download is optional.)