Sony Vegas Pro 12 | New Features we want on Release Date!

Sony Vegas Pro has become an editing program renowned by professionals, a program that can be used by the family video editor at home to edit together those old family films with ease, or at a video studio by a professional video editor who creates his work to perfection. Well, it’s been almost 10 months since Sony Vegas Pro 11 was released. There has been no statement by Sony Creative Software to even hint at the Sony Vegas Pro 12 release date, but with the release dates of Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Pro 11 only one year apart, there is reason to believe Sony Vegas Pro 12 could be only a few months away from our fingertips.


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Today, we want to look at some of the new and/or updated features that we would like to see in the upcoming Sony Vegas Pro 12. The list below consists of features (video fx, tools, rendering options, etc..) that we want to see and also consists of suggestions from viewers from my YouTube Channel, from a community of Sony Vegas editors.

  •  Backwards Compatibility for Sony Vegas Project (.veg) files – This feature would make our day. It’s always been a nuisance among Vegas users when they try to share a project with a friend who uses an older version of Sony Vegas and then cannot open that .veg file. If you are unaware of this limitation, when you save a project as a .veg file in Sony Vegas, it will only be compatible with that version of Vegas and upwards. For example, if I save a project in Sony Vegas Pro 10, I can open this in Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Pro 11, but when I try to open it in Vegas Pro 9 I’ll receive an error message. The ability to be able to save a Sony Vegas Project in Vegas Pro 12 and open it in a previous version of Vegas Pro would be a very beneficial feature to have.
  • Motion Tracking – While I retain my view on Sony Vegas as an editing software that cannot be compared to other programs such as Adobe After Effects, I do wish Vegas had certain features from these other programs. Motion Tracking is one of them. Motion tracking can be done in a certain way in Vegas, a “workaround”, but to have the proper ability within Vegas to use Motion Tracking would be a significant feature in Vegas that allows users to broaden their editing skills.
  • 3D Text Option – 3D text in Vegas is probably one of the most searched terms in the Vegas editing community. 3D text is something that adds a certain “umph” to a video. Creating 3D text in Vegas is not possible without using photo-shopped images or by creating “apparent” 3D text.  There are plug-ins for 3D text, however, after dropping $600 (expected price) for the software, we don’t want to have to pay extra for a third party plug-in to create 3D text. Whether an option in the Text Generated Media window or a completely new window for 3D text, it’s a feature longed after by many, including us.
  • Broader Range of Effects – Each times Sony Creative Software releases the new version of Sony Vegas Pro, they include a few new additions to the Video FX collection. This collection should continue to grow. We’d love to see the addition of effects such as optical lens flares, light beams, maybe even some fire or explosions to heat things up!
  • Bring back Glow – This is a personal point. In Sony Vegas Pro 11, the “Glow” addition to text was replaced by “Outline”. However, it was not just a rename. Outline only allows you to select the color and width of the outline that surrounds your text. The old “Glow” feature for text allowed you to customize the glow to your liking. I’ve given up on the outline effect, it took the place of glow and degraded the effect surrounding text. I still can’t understand why Glow was replaced by this useless option, but I’d love to see Glow make a return in Pro 12.
  •  Mac Version (?) – This was a surprising request for me. More than once, I’ve heard the wish that Sony Vegas Pro worked on Mac. Although I highly doubt this will become a reality,  it would be great to see. (EDIT – It is a possibility that Sony Vegas Pro 12 could be released on Mac – here’s why.)


  • 32 bit Windows XP Version (?) – Another surprising request, there were several people who expressed their wish that Sony Vegas Pro 12 would work on their 32 bit Windows XP computer. Sony Vegas Pro 11 only works on computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Despite the popular demand, I do not think that Vegas will be compatible with XP, especially considering Windows 8 is just around the corner.
  • Compatibility with a wider range of Video Formats – Another big request for Sony Vegas Pro 12, which has been a problem in previous versions of Sony Vegas, is for better compatibility with a wider range of video formats such as .mp4, .flv, .mkv and more! Sony Vegas has always been notorious for having problems with certain video formats. For example, Vegas would refuse to open/import a certain video file if it was .mp4 format. Also, with certain formats, Vegas has trouble reading the audio of the video clip or it fails to sync the video and audio correctly.
  • Improved Chroma Keying – These 3 words have popped up several times regarding features that Sony Vegas users want to see upgraded. Several users have turned to third party plug-ins to take care of their chroma keying. As someone who prefers to minimize the amount of necessary plug-ins needed, it seems like perhaps the Chroma Keying feature could be improved slightly.
  • Improved Masking – Although the masking tool is very useful in Sony Vegas, it could be upgraded to function more fluently. A certain complaint regarding masking tools descriped Vegas’ child/parent system as “awful”.
  • Improved Preview Screen – Sony Vegas’ preview screen is known to be “laggy” when previewing the video project in high quality. Some other video editing softwares seem to have worked around this problem, it would be great to see a lag-free preview with high quality in Vegas.
  • Updated Interface (?) – Sony Vegas has a very unique interface. When you move from one version of Sony Vegas to another, you can find your way around very quickly. Should Sony Vegas Pro 12 bring a complete new UI to the table? Or should it keep to the general Sony Vegas feel? I’m not too sure how I feel about this yet, let me know what you think in the comments below!
So, what do you think? We’ve listed some of the features that we’d like to see added, or at least updated, in Sony Vegas Pro 12. Do you have any extra features that you’d like to see improved in the next version of Sony Vegas? If so, let us know in the comments below! We might even add them to the list above!
Below is the video posted to my YouTube Channel where I go through some of the features I’d like to see in Sony Vegas Pro 12, and also some of the features that other people in the Sony Vegas community suggested.


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