Stay safe online with 1Password

The topic of online security is more important than ever nowadays. Recently, the very popular business oriented social network LinkedIn was hacked and almost 6.5 million users’ passwords were posted onto a Russian hacking website. In the same week, eHarmony, the online dating site also got hacked. Events like these happen quite often now and it’s only major breaches such as with LinkedIn and eHarmony that we hear about such activity.

It’s a major “no no” today to use the same password for all of your accounts online such as your Facebook, Email and even bank account because if one is hacked, your entire online presence can be compromised. 1Password is certainly not a new application but has been tried and tested over many years by individuals like me and professionals in the industry.

1Password is a simple application available for Windows PCs, Macs and most smartphones that keeps all your account passwords all in one secure place. All that you need to remember is one password to unlock the app and gain access to the “vault”. 1Password includes a password generator which is used to create very secure customisable random strings of letters, numbers and symbols, which are then saved in the app and associated with your accounts. When installed in your internet browser, simply type in your one master password and 1Password reveals the login information for the website you’re on. Click “fill”, and the app logs you into your account. Your vault of passwords can be synchronised across your computers and smartphones where, for example you can then recall your Facebook details to login on your phone. Financial information and credit card details can also be stored in 1Password and recalled when needed.

A solution like this is a must for people today to keep their information safe online, it also forgoes the need to remember multiple passwords and helps you to create new secure ones. The app is not free, but is well worth the investment for the protection it offers. A free 30 day trial is available however.

More info is available on, and there are apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android also.