Watch US Netflix / Hulu for FREE Outside of the US on your PC!

Although Netflix is a service available to several other countries outside the US, the selection of content for Netflix users depends on their location. For Netflix users living outside of the US (Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, South America, Denmark, Finland,  Norway and Sweden), a common question asked is: “How can I access and watch US Netflix outside of the US?”.

There are services that people use that can trick the Netflix/Hulu servers into giving the user access to the US based content, however, they charge a monthly fee. This method will also work for accessing Pandora (internet music streaming service) outside of the US.


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Here’s what you will typically see when visiting Hulu from outside of the US:

Hulu not working


To show the difference between my Netflix (Ireland) and the US Netflix, I searched for Parks and Recreation (unavailable on Irish Netflix):

Netflix UK


With MediaHint or Hola, you can access US Netflix content without even signing up for anything (besides a Netflix account of course)! (NOTE: MediaHint has been more reliable for me personally lately, Hola was not working during the writing of this review, but may be back up working soon as it was before.)

MediaHint is a browser extension available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The installation is as simple as visiting and clicking “start using”. When you click “start using”, your browser will begin to download the extension (it should only take a few seconds) and then the site will display instructions on how to install it (very simple).  Once you have the extension installed, visit or and you’ll have access straight away! That’s it!

Hola is available as a browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but it’s also available for Windows, Android and Mac (from! The installation is very simple and straight forward and there’s no need to register to use the extension!

After installing one of the above extensions, you should be able to access US Netflix / Hulu / Pandora!

Hulu working


Netflix US


netflix US2

Would your friends like to enjoy US Netflix / Hulu or Pandora? Let them know how to by Tweeting this article or Sharing it on Facebook!