Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) Down – June 25th 2014

“Is PSN down?” There are widespread reports of Sony’s Playstation Network “PSN” being down / offline as users claim to be unable to connect. Users are hoping that this outage is not a repeat of the events in April 2011 when the PSN outage lasted over 3 weeks in result of a hack. User data was reported to be compromised.

UPDATE: Playstation Network status has been updated to note: “The PlayStation Network is currently: Experiencing Connectivity Issues.” on Playstation support forums.

UPDATE 2: Playstation Network should now be back online for users. Reports from users indicate that they CAN log in and connect successfully.

Have you been effected by the PSN connection issues? We want to hear about it!

Users are now required to pay a subscription fee to Playstation’s “Playstation Plus” to access online games & extra features on the Playstation 4. The website displayed a huge spike in reported connection problems with Sony’s Playstation Network as of today, June 25th, as shown below. Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 21.05.05 PSN users are also taking to the Twittersphere with tweets asking the common question: “is PSN down?”.’

Have you been effected by the PSN connection issues? We want to hear about it!

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING TO @OBVIOUSLYTECH Join the conversation by tweeting @ObviouslyTech with the hashtag #PSN and #PSNdown! @azurking told us: @PETEtheBLUE1878 reports his PSN is down in England: @EthanBenard from the US reports in to @ObviouslyTech: @JamesShreves tweeted us upset asking Sony to “take a page from Microsoft’s book and sort it out”. It’s not the only tweet of this nature that we’ve seen comparing PSN to Xbox Live but we’ve also seen people defending PSN and Sony. @badget_84 told us that this is “typical”: Join the conversation by tweeting @ObviouslyTech with the hashtag #PSN and #PSNdown! General tweets published towards the beginning of the PSN connection issueL Hopefully these connection issues are not tied with any malicious activities and are resolved shortly.
As UPDATE 2 notes above, PSN should now be back online for users.