VEGAS Pro 16 – when will it get a release date?

Update: This article was updated on August 29th 2018: VEGAS PRO 16 RELEASED

A new version of the video editing software VEGAS, formally known as Sony Vegas, is typically released every year or two. VEGAS Pro 15 was released by MAGIX on August 28, 2017. Will we see VEGAS Pro 16 this year?

MAGIX software acquired Sony Vegas and rebranded it to VEGAS – they released VEGAS Pro 14 in September 2016 and then VEGAS Pro 15 in August the following year. Following this release schedule, we could be seeing a new version of VEGAS this August or September.

A new subscription based offering called VEGAS Pro 365 was announced in January of this year. This is the new subscription plan for VEGAS, charging users a monthly fee for terms of 3 months or 12 months rather than a flat fee. On an announcement post on the Vegas Creative Software forum, a member of MAGIX confirmed that VEGAS Pro 16 will still be developed.

Users on the forum have chimed in to note that they have received offers to purchase VEGAS Pro 15 and receive a free upgrade to VEGAS Pro 16 when it is released. This indicates that MAGIX are most likely planning a release of VEGAS Pro 16 within the next few months.


Below are two screenshots from Vegas Creative Software forum users ‘fhu’ and ‘glovercover’ showing the upgrade offer.

vegas pro 16 bundle vegas pro 16 bundle

VEGAS Pro 16 New Features

Forum user ‘Tim L’ reported that he got an email with the same offer to purchase VEGAS Pro 15 and get a free update to VEGAS Pro 16. He noted that, in the email, some of the new features would be:

  • Industry leading image stabilization
  • Built in motion tracking
  • Powerful workflow for creating 360 degree video
  • Hi Dynamic Range (HDR) Support
  • Tiny Planet OFX plug-in
  • and more!

You can compare the difference between VEGAS Pro 14 and VEGAS Pro 15 here.

We have reached out to MAGIX asking about any future release date or planned press releases. We will update this post when we hear back.

Update August 29th 2018:

VEGAS Pro 16 has officially been released. Read More..

Update August 18th 2018:

VEGAS Pro 16 Release Date in August 2018

When I was checking the MAGIX website tonight, there was a sales promotion displayed on all products of the VEGAS Pro 15 product line. The banner at the bottom of this page shows promotional text stating the following:

Buy VEGAS Pro 15 today and get the new VEGAS Pro 16 FOR FREE on release at the end of August.

According to this promotion, if you buy VEGAS Pro 15 today you will receive VEGAS Pro 16 on its release at the end of August.

In case the banner disappears, there’s a screenshot below.

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