VEGAS Pro 16 Released August 2018 – What’s New?

A new version of the video editing software VEGAS, formally known as Sony Vegas, is typically released every year or two. As we predicted, VEGAS Pro 16 was announced and given a release date on August 27th 2018.

You can now purchase and download VEGAS Pro 16 at Vegas Creative Software for a price of $599 or €599. If this price is out of your price range, don’t worry, there are other options in the VEGAS family. VEGAS Pro 365 is a subscription plan for VEGAS that works quite similarly to Adobe Creative Cloud in that you pay a monthly fee for access to the video editing software.

New Features in VEGAS Pro 16

Built-in motion tracking

Built-in motion tracking is a new feature in VEGAS Pro 16! FINALLY! Any editors who have been working on the VEGAS and Sony Vegas (previously) will be pleased to have this much requested feature added to the software.

Native image stabilisation

Now, instead of requiring an external plug-in or the use of additional software, you can now stabilise your video footage using a native built-in feature in Pro 16.

Workflow for creating 360° video

There’s no doubt that 360° video has brought a new experience to video viewers across the world. However, there hasn’t been a huge explosion in 360° videos being released in the mainstream. This could be due to the difficulty in both filming and editing 360° video. Pro 16 will include templates for the most popular 360° cameras for video stitching and editing.Storyboard mode

One of the bigger selling points from MAGIX for VEGAS Pro 16 has been about “streamlining the workflow”. This streamlining has been done by adding a dynamic storyboard workflow that syncs changes between the main storyboard and the classic timeline and vice versa.


HDR color support

High Dynamic Range (HDR) color support allows you to work with footage from cameras capable of shooting HDR.

And more..

Some of the smaller headline features may be more exciting to some users than other. Some of these features include new extensive file backup options, automatic subtitle creation from timeline regions, High DPI scaling, inclusion of MAGIX eFX audio plug-in suite and more.

Should I Upgrade to VEGAS Pro 16?

This question is asked a lot, especially on our YouTube videos. It’s hard to answer, because it’s quite subjective.

VEGAS Pro 16 definitely includes some much requested features and some that would encourage me to upgrade personally. However, for some editors the difference between Pro 15 and Pro 16 may not be worth the upgrade.

If you are still using an older version of VEGAS or Sony Vegas, there are several significant updates that have been included in the past few versions of VEGAS.

You can purchase VEGAS Pro 16 or view more details on it and the VEGAS family at Vegas Creative Software.

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