FVP #1 – Direct Upload to YouTube Plug-In [Video4YouTube]

Sony Vegas is one of the worlds most popular video editing programs renowned for it’s brilliant and yet easy editing tools. However, coming with a steep price tag of $599.95 for the digital download of the newest version of Sony Vegas Pro, users are understandably reluctant to pay the further cost of extra plug-ins to improve their videos. That’s where we come in! In this new series, called Free Vegas Plugins, we’ll be introducing you to some of the best and most useful plug-ins for Vegas that will not cost you a dime!

Today we’re looking at the plug-in Video4YouTube from . This plug-in was designed before the release of the newest version of Vegas (Pro 11) . The free plug-in allows you to render your video so that it both saves to your computer when rendering completes, and then automatically begins to upload to YouTube with the login information you provide it. If you’re a Sony Vegas Pro 11 user, this process already sounds familiar to you. That’s because in Pro 11 Sony have built in a feature to allow you to do all of this without an external plug-in by going to File > Upload to YouTube. However, this feature still produces errors for some people, including myself! So the Video4YouTube plug-in allows us to have an alternative to this error, and also works in versions of Sony Vegas 8.0 and upwards.